• Nov Update

    A little late on my big November update. Remember to follow me on twitter @skip_scherer for more frequent updates.

    Thanksgiving this month will be the one-year anniversary of the release of my first book Warship Ares! I was hoping to be close to finishing the 2nd book at this time, but that is not to be. Warworld Gaia is just bigger and challenging than the first book. That plus time constraints with my regular business make finding writing time hard right now. Fear not because work does continue.

    Act 2 is moving much faster than act 1. Act 1 as a slow write because I tried something new, as those that follow me have heard before. Act 2 is back to a workflow that I’m much better suited too and faster! Right now I’m knee deep in exploring the world of Gaia, it’s culture and atmosphere. Don’t worry it’s all wrapped around a lot of action and explosions you’ve come to expect.

    Act 2 is the biggest of the 3 acts for this book, with act 3 being the shortest. With that in mind, hopefully by the first of 2022 I’ll have a good idea of when you can expect the next book. hmmm… maybe even a hint on what the cover will look like… hmmm.

    As always thanks for joining me on this journey!

  • Oct. 2021

    I guess I missed the big update for Sept., sorry about that. Normal job has been keeping me busy. Remeber you can always head over to Twitter and catch my small more frequent updates @skip_scherer .

    Warworld Gaia continues to move forward. Act 2 is making much better progress than I did on Act 1. One reason is my return to my normal writing method. Wrting and editing as I go works so much better for me. Learning a lot about the planet Gaia in this act and I’m relly enjoying the discovery process. The supporting cast is getting nice screen time too.. Can’t wait to be able to share it with everyone.

    At the pace I’m going it looks like next year for a release date. I was hoping to get it out in a years time, but life had other plans. Thanksgiving will be one year for Warship Ares and I just can’t make that. So a year and a half into up to 2 years for this book. Some of that time will depend on my editor’s availability. I’ll update more once I’m deeeper into act 3 of this book, before I give more definitive release plans.

    For those finding Jax for the first time. Welcome! Thanks for joining me. I’m working hard on continueing the story, I hope you can stand the wait.

    Keep working the plan.

  • Aug Update

    Running a little late on this big monthly update. As a reminder you can see smaller updates, and general ramblings, on my twitter account at @skip_scherer!

    Work continues on Act 2 of book 2. The first chapter is a bit of a beast compared to what I normally write. Some of the things happening at the start of this act are things that have been waiting to happen, so they require a little extra attention to make sure I get things right. Also, as I’m writing this chapter, I needed to readjust some of my thought on the next chapters. That’s nothing new since I tend to be a discovery writer and things are always a little fluid as I work towards some set waypoints.

    From Act 1 I’ve gotten some feedback from my beta readers and over all nothing I need to worry about – haha. We’ll see what happens as I get more info back in.

    That’s it for this month! Writing act 2 should be faster than writing act 1 since I have returned to more preferred writing method. Wish me luck!

    As always thanks for sticking around and thanks for your support!

  • July

    Hey all! Looks like I missed my full June update, sorry about that. Just too many things happening so it fell by the wayside. Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter, where you can get more constant ramblings and smaller updates as they come: www.twitter.com/skip_scherer

    Book 2 Act 1 is now done and off to my beta readers. It will be interesting to see their take on it. Each Act is designed to head off in a different direction, so this Act is setting the story up way different than what we had in book one. Books 1, 2 and 3 are all just one big story, but each should stand on its own when completed. Time will tell if I get it right.

    With act 2 I’m returning to my normal writing habits. Write one chapter, revise it and then move on. Usually this means I’m writing the next chapter while revising the previous. I like this way of writing and I think it will be much faster for me than what I tried for in Act 1. Maybe gain some ground heading into this second half of the year.

    Thanks for checking in with me and staying the course. The next book is coming and the adventures of Jax will continue. Hope you enjoy the trip!

    Till next time!