• July

    Hey all! Looks like I missed my full June update, sorry about that. Just too many things happening so it fell by the wayside. Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter, where you can get more constant ramblings and smaller updates as they come: www.twitter.com/skip_scherer

    Book 2 Act 1 is now done and off to my beta readers. It will be interesting to see their take on it. Each Act is designed to head off in a different direction, so this Act is setting the story up way different than what we had in book one. Books 1, 2 and 3 are all just one big story, but each should stand on its own when completed. Time will tell if I get it right.

    With act 2 I’m returning to my normal writing habits. Write one chapter, revise it and then move on. Usually this means I’m writing the next chapter while revising the previous. I like this way of writing and I think it will be much faster for me than what I tried for in Act 1. Maybe gain some ground heading into this second half of the year.

    Thanks for checking in with me and staying the course. The next book is coming and the adventures of Jax will continue. Hope you enjoy the trip!

    Till next time!

  • May Update

    My major update for the month. Writing part time has its challenges, even more so when you normal day job is keeping you busy. It’s nice to be busy, don’t get me wrong, but it does interfere with the writing process.

    Work has been progressing on Book 2 Act 1. I’m putting the finial touches on chapter 9 and that just leaves 10 to go. With Act 2 I’m going back to my preferred way of writing, which should hopefully speed things up. At this point I’m about 3 months behind where I wanted to be. Once I get Act 2 done I should have enough of an idea on how things are going to be able to set a release date for Warworld Gaia.

    Warship Ares is selling at a trickle, but that’s all I expect to happen at this point, so all good. Thanks for sticking with me on this journey, great things are coming!

    Till then find me on Twitter at @skip_scherer for more frequent updates and information on what else is occupying my brain.

    Till next time!

  • April

    A bit late with this months update. Seems a like a growing trend this year and one I’m not liking. The upside to that is most of my “lateness” comes from my regular business picking up again now that lockdown restrictions are being lifted. Still, as always, I’m moving forward.

    I have 2 and half chapters to go to finish Act 1 of book 2. After this I’m going back to my original way of writing and should be able to increase my speed. This time I tried to write the whole act before doing any revisions. People kept telling me it’s better that way, get the story down. The problem is that as I’m revising, I’ve made enough changes that by chapter 8 I’m basically rewriting the chapter from scratch to make everything flow properly. Having to completely re due chapters takes time. I don’t like it, I’m not doing it again.

    Next act I will start my usual process of write a chapter, revise the chapter and then move on. Then do a finial revision at the end just to smooth out and trouble spots. This is how I wrote the first book and I like that process much better. It also helps my attitude because I feel like I have accomplished something, have finished something, rather than having a large lump of words staring at me.

    Hopefully the increase in speed will let me recover some of the time lost and I can get back to my original time line. Wish me luck! For those waiting for the second book, hang in their, it’s going to be an exciting ride!

    Till next update, feel free to follow me on Twitter for the day-to-day stuff, and I’ll be back here soon for the big stuff.

    Moving on.

  • March!

    Welcome to March. Yes, I missed my self imposed deadline to have Act 1 of book 2 done by this month. My regular job just took to much of my time, plus the change in writing slowed me down.

    Warworld Gaia: This was the first time I tried to write an entire act before starting my revisions. You often hear writers say this is the way to go, so I figured to give it a shot. I won’t be doing it again. Going back to revisions after completing so much of the story, I find I’ve lost where the character is and I need to wrap my head around it. Jax is in a different place at the end of Act 1 and I don’t want her sounding like that earlier in the act. Anyway, I’ve managed to get back into it in a good way and I’m moving forward again. New goal is to get Act 1 done by mid to late March and have it out to beta readers. Starting with Act 2, I’m going back to my “old” way of writing where I write and revise each chapter as I go. That should increase my speed and get this story moving again. Still want book 2 done by the end of the year, but we’ll see what life throws my way.

    Warship Ares is still doing well. Please remember to leave reviews, it really helps!

    Onward and upward.