• May Update

    Big May Update.

    Sorry folks I seemed to have missed the April update. Real life kept me busy with my martial arts school. I was hoping to have Act of book 2 done by May 1.  I’m missing that deadline by a couple of days, but nothing major. The end of this act is so exciting. I know some writers can jump around and write chapters as the mood strikes. I’m not one of those – haha. I write in order, so sometimes I must wait to write things that are in my head.  Nice thing about that is, I’ve had plenty of time to work it through using my imagination, and rework it, and rework it, that by the time I write it, it requires very little revising later.  Too bad the same can’t be said of previous chapters!

    Act 3 is going to be so fast to write because of that. Act 3 is one big waypoint for me. I had these entire scenes planned back when I started this series. A few things have changed as I worked thorough the first 2 acts. Details that needed to be adjusted, but the overall structure is in place. I feel like I’m a plotter instead of a discovery writer – haha.

    Still staying on track to have book two out this year. Thank you for your support and get ready, it’s going to be a wild ride!

    As always see you next month or follow me on Twitter for more ramblings and timely updates! @skip_scherer – Till then be well!

  • March 2022

    Welcome to the big March Update! Please follow me on Twitter @skip_scherer for more day-to-day stuff.

    Act 2 is nearly done. Ran into a few technical problems with one chapter and that slowed me down a bit. Now I’m on the last 2 chapters and this ending has been in my head since I started the book that it will all be easy writing. For those that have followed me for a while, I write too waypoints, I don’t always know that path to get there, but once I’m there, I know the ending.

    Act 3 is coming up. This whole act is one big waypoint – haha. In my head I’ve already worked through every chapter, every big moment, and every small moment. There are scenes in this chapter that I knew were coming back when I started writing book one. I’m so excited. Thier is one more book after this, the finial to this trilogy, but this is where it all comes together, this is the grandiose scene that forges the story. I’m still on track to finish and get this book out this year! I hope you’re excited as I am!

    Till next time!

  • February 2022

    One month into the New Year and things are going good so far. My regular business is busy, which cuts into my writing time a little, but stable. Stable is good. My progress for Act 2 is on track so far and I will be finishing it up by the end of February. The wonderful thing about approaching the end of an act is the writing is easier. I often know how things end and have been working them over in my head multiple times while I write the other parts.

    Act 3 should be the fastest one yet. Both in terms of writing it and the pace of the story. The whole last act has been in my head since starting book 2. It’s a major waypoint of the story, which catapults us into book 3. It’s a huge blockbuster of an ending that moves all the characters into place, both physically and mentally, for the finial book. Surprises aplenty, and if I can indulge in a little hyperbole, some characters will be changed forever!

    I’m dedicated to getting this book out this year. Thanks for hanging with me, I think you’re going to enjoy what’s coming.

    As always catch me on Twitter for smaller updates @skip_scherer. I look forward to hearing from you.

  • Jan 2022

    Short and sweet for the first update for 2022, hopefully I’ll have something a little bigger by Feb. Pushing hard to finish Act 2 on Book 2. Once that’s done, I should be able to finalize how long Act 3 will take. I turn 50 this year (July) and I want to finish book 2 by/before then.

    It’s going to be an exciting year!