• Aug. Update

    Big Aug+ update.

    Didn’t have a proper update for July, so this will serve for that and Aug.  July was an interesting time. Acts 1 and 2 have been finished and work is starting on Act 3. I slowed down a little moving into July because work picked up.  That doesn’t happen often in my field, summers are slow, so that was nice. Also, I was approaching my 50th birthday, which led to much inner introspection on my part and took my mind off writing.  

    No fear I’m still moving forward, just missing a few of my self imposed deadlines. I wanted to have Act 3 handwritten by my birthday.  That hasn’t happened. I’m pushing forward, act 3 is planned out more than any act I’ve ever done, it should go fast. Time and my own mind are the only enemies. I’m still shooting to get everything done by this year, but I may have to push it into next year. Some of this will be out of my control, since it will also depend on the availability of my editor.  I’ll keep you posted.

    Acts 1 and 2 are in the hands of my beta crew and I’m anxiously waiting for their input. Besides finding out more about our main hero Jax, we start to learn more about the world she lives in.  The other characters begin to move to the forefront and their stories start to build also.  I’m really happy that each character has a complete backstory that I’m working off of.  We may not see those in total, but it influences who they are and what they bring to the story.  Maybe someday I’ll do a few short stories to expand on the hints and nods that are starting to come out.

    Warship Ares continues to do well. We’re over a year and half out and sales are small but consistent. Wish I could a few more reviews, hint-hint, but happy with the performance. I’m still ranked pretty high on Amazon for military scifi fiction.  I like that.

    Thanks for follwoing and sticking with me on this journey. As always you can find me on Twitter @skip_scherer. I’m semi active their and always willing to chat. Hope to talk to you soon. Till next time, watch your six.

  • July 2022

    Big July Update.

    Well not so big. Sorry I don’t have a lot of time for blog posts, but I wanted to keep everyone up to date. Revisions on Act 2 are near done. If all goes well by the end of this week / early next week. Act 3 is moving along at a great pace, so no problems there.

    Trying to not be distracted by TV, or games is my biggest challenge right now – haha. Keep focused and stay positive with me. Book 2 is going to be fantastic!

  • May Update

    Big May Update.

    Sorry folks I seemed to have missed the April update. Real life kept me busy with my martial arts school. I was hoping to have Act of book 2 done by May 1.  I’m missing that deadline by a couple of days, but nothing major. The end of this act is so exciting. I know some writers can jump around and write chapters as the mood strikes. I’m not one of those – haha. I write in order, so sometimes I must wait to write things that are in my head.  Nice thing about that is, I’ve had plenty of time to work it through using my imagination, and rework it, and rework it, that by the time I write it, it requires very little revising later.  Too bad the same can’t be said of previous chapters!

    Act 3 is going to be so fast to write because of that. Act 3 is one big waypoint for me. I had these entire scenes planned back when I started this series. A few things have changed as I worked thorough the first 2 acts. Details that needed to be adjusted, but the overall structure is in place. I feel like I’m a plotter instead of a discovery writer – haha.

    Still staying on track to have book two out this year. Thank you for your support and get ready, it’s going to be a wild ride!

    As always see you next month or follow me on Twitter for more ramblings and timely updates! @skip_scherer – Till then be well!

  • March 2022

    Welcome to the big March Update! Please follow me on Twitter @skip_scherer for more day-to-day stuff.

    Act 2 is nearly done. Ran into a few technical problems with one chapter and that slowed me down a bit. Now I’m on the last 2 chapters and this ending has been in my head since I started the book that it will all be easy writing. For those that have followed me for a while, I write too waypoints, I don’t always know that path to get there, but once I’m there, I know the ending.

    Act 3 is coming up. This whole act is one big waypoint – haha. In my head I’ve already worked through every chapter, every big moment, and every small moment. There are scenes in this chapter that I knew were coming back when I started writing book one. I’m so excited. Thier is one more book after this, the finial to this trilogy, but this is where it all comes together, this is the grandiose scene that forges the story. I’m still on track to finish and get this book out this year! I hope you’re excited as I am!

    Till next time!