• Big Jan 2023 Update!

    Happy New Year! Welcome to my big, and I mean big this time, update.

    Thanks to having some time off this past holiday season, I was able to get a lot of writing done. As I write this, I am taking a break from revising the last chapter of Warworld Gaia. Once I’m done here, I’ll finish that. That means this book is done. Done. DONE. Well, almost done.

    There are still steps to be made before I can publish. I still have one more pass through the entire book to make. This is where I check for consistency issues; things like making sure character names are correct, their description are accurate, foreshadows, foreshadow and so on. There are also places where I have flesh out technology and double just the small bit of science that leaks in – haha. After that, I will ship it off to an editor, which I still don’t have.

    Finding a new editor is my next big task that I will start tackling this week. I needed something finished so I could have an idea on word count and have something to send them. Most editors will give you a sample of their edits of fifty to a hundred words in your document. I prefer to send them a sample of the actual story, then some other piece of work. Once I find someone I can work with, and them me, we are off. Hopefully, I’ll find someone who can get to my work quickly, but that’s out of my hands and I may have to wait.

    While waiting, two things will happen. One, I will start to finish up the cover for Warworld Gaia. I have a file sitting on my computer with the initial work already in progress. I haven’t touched it in a while, preferring to focus all my time on writing. Two, I will start writing the third book in the series. The grand final for this adventure!

    Might seem like a lot, but it will be a whirlwind once it all starts falling into place. The great news is Warworld Gaia is coming out this year. Sooner rather than later! Thank you all for staying with me. This book is such an exciting ride, and I can’t wait for you to experience the next chapter in the life of Jax and all her friends.

    As always, please check back in for the next big update. If you prefer more frequent news, please follow me on Twitter @skip_scherer . You can also find that feed on the first page of my website. Once again, Happy New Year!

  • End of Year!

    Welcome to the big update! I missed Nov., sorry for that, too much going on. The great thing is that Warworld Gaia is nearing the finishing stages. At least of the initial writing. I have two more chapters to revise and then a final pass through the whole book. This last pass is to look for missing descriptions, consistency of descriptions, fill in some finial tech jargon, and to add / fix anything I have notes on. Overall, a fast affair for me. After that it will be off to an editor!

    Of course, I still must find a new editor. I have a list of potential people that I need to start contacting. I hate looking for editors, finding the right one is important, so I put a lot of time into it. Hopefully, I’ll get a little holiday magic and the right one will fall into my world.

    While the editor is doing their work, I’ll be finishing up the cover for book 2 and making some updates to book 1. The book 1 updates will mainly be updating the formatting to match what I’m doing on book 2. Thankfully, I now have a program to help with the formatting of the book(s). This update will keep a common feeling across these two books and all future books!

    I’m really excited to get this project out their into the world! Thank you all for staying with me on this journey. Happy Holidays and look out for 2023, Warworld Gaia is coming!

  • 10-12-2022

    Big October update!

    First the Good: I’m finishing the second to last chapter of Warworld Gaia this week. The last chapter is easy writing and all plotted out. I know strange since I don’t plot my stories, but it’s been a long time coming and I always knew where this story would end, so there you go. Revisions shouldn’t take long, maybe a couple weeks and then I can go back over the whole book one more time. That’s just to clear up little things and work out any problems beta reads might have found. So fast sailing!

    The Bad: Can’t seem to get a hold of my editor. I’ve tried contacting her through several social media sites and by e-mail. She seems to be missing from the internet. I hope she’s okay since she across the world from me I have no other way to find out. I still have time and maybe she’ll see this and let me know, but if not I have to find a new editor. That process can take a bit, plus depending on schedule I don’t know how long someone new will take to process my book. Sigh. Always something in the world of self-publishing.

    There is no ugly: Right now, I’m staying positive and I’m on track for early 2023! It will be worth the wait, I promise!

    Till next time, remember to find me on Twitter @skip_scheerer. I’ll talk to you soon!

  • Sept 2022

    Here is your big Sept. 2022 update.

    Starting off with a little bit of sad news. I’m going to have to officially push my launch of book 2 into early 2023. I’m halfway through act 3 and if I really pushed, and if my editor got to me quick and everything fell into place, I could still make this year. However, with the end of year holidays. my work schedule and knowing nothing will go that perfect, not needing the stress, I’m going to give in and push the release. Do be on the lookout for the first part of 2023!

    In better news: I’m halfway through Act 3 and it’s an exciting ride. This act is moving so fast, both in terms of story and my writing. This is a part of the story I knew how it was going to go before I started book 1. I have played it out in my head so many times, adjusting it as the story was told, that it is a well plotted thing. That’s a first for me. It does make the writing flow so so nice.

    By the end of this book many things I have been planning will be laid in place. This will be important as we head into book 3, the final for Captain’s Fate. SO those that have been following, yes you will have a completed story. I can hardly wait to get to that 3rd book. Don’t worry I’m not getting distracted, remember I write as I go and in order, so to get there I have to finish what I’m working on.

    Hope you have a great summer and as always thank you for joining me this journey. Come chat with me on Twitter or drop me an e-mail! Most of all remember to prepare yourself book 2 is going to be a wild ride!