We sought to explore space in peace, but the rest of the universe was looking for war. We should have known better.

Exploring space was supposed to be an adventure. Now it’s a fight for survival.Young for a Captain, Harumi “Jax” Brandt, stands proud of her achievements, in her knowledge of the cosmos. Little does she realize that a chance encounter with an alien race will take everything from her. Her ship destroyed everything she knew and believed is lost.

A twist of fate places her on a warship that should not exist, a ship she could never imagine. Learning to fight, to face fear, to adapt to an enemy determined to kill her and all human life. This was not the adventure she wanted, and it was not how her life was supposed to be.

The aliens are gathering, a massive force that will exterminate all that stands in its way. Haunted by the loss of her previous life, caught between her innocence and the reality of war, she must find a way to defeat the alien armada. To forge again the person she longs to be. Her only hope, and that of the human race, lies on the warship Ares.

I dreamed of a remarkable journey as I traversed the universe. I encountered nothing but war.

Harumi “Jax” Brandt aspired to be the captain of a starship. That life came to a devastating conclusion when the Screech, a malevolent alien species, destroyed everything she had known. Rescued by the warship Ares, they granted her the opportunity to fight back, but fighting back had its cost. A price that nearly killed Jax and the Ares crew with her.

Now a safe harbor awaits them, a bold new world.

A world that offers a fresh start, an exciting adventure, and a place to call home. A world of wonder, a world like Earth, yet differences abound. This is a world conditioning itself, not for serenity, but for armed struggle. A world of factions that should be allies but are hiding sinister motives. Motives that could lead to the demise of the Ares and Jax. These forces are driving against her into a new form of battle. A battle not of armadas and armaments, but of political strategies and betrayal.

Jax wants to rebuild her life, but she’s locked in a game where she doesn’t know the rules. Rules that shift like the sand through an hourglass. And what of the Screech? The hostile alien race is oddly silent in the abyss. Evil grows and the chance for peace, for happiness, wanes. Yet Jax will soon understand that this is how life is on a planet dedicated to war. A warworld called Gaia.