• Dec 2021

    Welcome to my big monthly update. Reminder you can always follow me on Twitter for faster more frequent updates – @skip_scherer. I look forward to hearing from you! This last Thanksgiving marked the one-year mark since I released my first book Warship Ares! I’m happy to say the book continues to do well. While not […]

  • Nov Update

    A little late on my big November update. Remember to follow me on twitter @skip_scherer for more frequent updates. Thanksgiving this month will be the one-year anniversary of the release of my first book Warship Ares! I was hoping to be close to finishing the 2nd book at this time, but that is not to […]

  • Oct. 2021

    I guess I missed the big update for Sept., sorry about that. Normal job has been keeping me busy. Remeber you can always head over to Twitter and catch my small more frequent updates @skip_scherer . Warworld Gaia continues to move forward. Act 2 is making much better progress than I did on Act 1. […]

  • Aug Update

    Running a little late on this big monthly update. As a reminder you can see smaller updates, and general ramblings, on my twitter account at @skip_scherer! Work continues on Act 2 of book 2. The first chapter is a bit of a beast compared to what I normally write. Some of the things happening at […]

  • July

    Hey all! Looks like I missed my full June update, sorry about that. Just too many things happening so it fell by the wayside. Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter, where you can get more constant ramblings and smaller updates as they come: Book 2 Act 1 is now done and off to […]

  • May Update

    My major update for the month. Writing part time has its challenges, even more so when you normal day job is keeping you busy. It’s nice to be busy, don’t get me wrong, but it does interfere with the writing process. Work has been progressing on Book 2 Act 1. I’m putting the finial touches […]

  • April

    A bit late with this months update. Seems a like a growing trend this year and one I’m not liking. The upside to that is most of my “lateness” comes from my regular business picking up again now that lockdown restrictions are being lifted. Still, as always, I’m moving forward. I have 2 and half […]

  • March!

    Welcome to March. Yes, I missed my self imposed deadline to have Act 1 of book 2 done by this month. My regular job just took to much of my time, plus the change in writing slowed me down. Warworld Gaia: This was the first time I tried to write an entire act before starting […]

  • Updates for Feb

    So the rebuild of the website is moving forward. I got the basics back up and it is usable now. I’ll slowly be reading some of the other stuff back in as I get time. Going to use this opportunity to update my theme and maybe another couple things I’ve been thinking about. one day […]

  • Kaboom!

    My Author website completely crashed and even managed to smash my backups. So I will be rebuilding. Please stay tuned!