Big April Update

Welcome to April 2023! This update is coming in a little late this month, but for good reason. I was waiting till I had a few things happen.

1st Big thing

By the end of the day of my posting this, I should have the edits back from my editor for Warworld Gaia! I can’t wait to see what @BookwormBlues has for me! Sarah is simply a positive force to be working with and I know with her help, this book is going to be fire! I’m kind of strange as a writer that I love working on this phase of the book. I’ll dive in and become very focused on it. Love that since of purpose.

2nd Big thing!

The pre-order for the e-book is now live on Amazon! Click here: PREORDER! As always, my book will be free on Kindle Unlimited. The paperback pre-order will take longer, since Amazon doesn’t handle those directly. Why? I don’t know, but they don’t. The plan is to have that up in the next week or so. The blurb, description for the book will be updated soon. Thanks for your patience!

That means the launch date is June 1 – woot! It was important for me to get this book out in the first half of this year. I wanted to do it before my birthday in July. This is my second book and I will publish it while I’m still 50-years-old! haha.

I’m currently finishing up the cover for Warworld Gaia. Like my last cover, it’s going to have a pulpy / comic book / classic scifi feel to it. I’m shooting for fun over any other kind of stylistic choice. I hope you enjoy it. Can’t wait to have it done. The one showing for the e-book is a placeholder,like the description. I’m only one person here so give me time – haha.

Pretty big update this time with lots of moving parts. For those that have been here since the beginning of Warship Ares, thank you for sticking around. For those of you new to my little part of the world, thank you for joining me! Things are only going to keep getting better!

As always, catch me on Twitter for more day to day, constant updates. @skip_scherer I look forward to hearing from you!