Big Feb. 2023 Update

The end is nigh! The end of book 2, that is. As of writing this, I am only twelve chapters away from finishing my last pass through the complete story. Act 2 will be completed by this week. Act 3 will follow, but I am waiting for a couple of beta readers, so I may delay a day or two. It’s exciting to be this close to the end.

I’m happy to report that I have found a new editor, Sarah Chorn. You can follow her on Twitter @BookwormBlues or her website at It’s fantastic to find someone who’s not only excited by my work but has a large history of both editing and writing her own. Finding an editor you can work with, feel good about, and get quality work from, is so very important for an indie writer. Can’t wait for her to work her magic on my scifi story.

I’ve already set a date with Sarah to have Warworld Gaia in her hands by March 1. She thinks it will take around a month, maybe a bit more / less to finish. During that time, I’ll be finishing up the cover and preparing the formatting for the book (template). Once I get her work back, it’s my turn to dive into changes and revisions. Hopefully, that means a May or June release for the next edition!

Get excited folks, it’s all going to go very fast!

As always, thanks for joining me! Follow me on Twitter for more frequent updates and musings @skip_scherer

Till next time, respect.