End of Year!

Welcome to the big update! I missed Nov., sorry for that, too much going on. The great thing is that Warworld Gaia is nearing the finishing stages. At least of the initial writing. I have two more chapters to revise and then a final pass through the whole book. This last pass is to look for missing descriptions, consistency of descriptions, fill in some finial tech jargon, and to add / fix anything I have notes on. Overall, a fast affair for me. After that it will be off to an editor!

Of course, I still must find a new editor. I have a list of potential people that I need to start contacting. I hate looking for editors, finding the right one is important, so I put a lot of time into it. Hopefully, I’ll get a little holiday magic and the right one will fall into my world.

While the editor is doing their work, I’ll be finishing up the cover for book 2 and making some updates to book 1. The book 1 updates will mainly be updating the formatting to match what I’m doing on book 2. Thankfully, I now have a program to help with the formatting of the book(s). This update will keep a common feeling across these two books and all future books!

I’m really excited to get this project out their into the world! Thank you all for staying with me on this journey. Happy Holidays and look out for 2023, Warworld Gaia is coming!