Big October update!

First the Good: I’m finishing the second to last chapter of Warworld Gaia this week. The last chapter is easy writing and all plotted out. I know strange since I don’t plot my stories, but it’s been a long time coming and I always knew where this story would end, so there you go. Revisions shouldn’t take long, maybe a couple weeks and then I can go back over the whole book one more time. That’s just to clear up little things and work out any problems beta reads might have found. So fast sailing!

The Bad: Can’t seem to get a hold of my editor. I’ve tried contacting her through several social media sites and by e-mail. She seems to be missing from the internet. I hope she’s okay since she across the world from me I have no other way to find out. I still have time and maybe she’ll see this and let me know, but if not I have to find a new editor. That process can take a bit, plus depending on schedule I don’t know how long someone new will take to process my book. Sigh. Always something in the world of self-publishing.

There is no ugly: Right now, I’m staying positive and I’m on track for early 2023! It will be worth the wait, I promise!

Till next time, remember to find me on Twitter @skip_scheerer. I’ll talk to you soon!