Sept 2022

Here is your big Sept. 2022 update.

Starting off with a little bit of sad news. I’m going to have to officially push my launch of book 2 into early 2023. I’m halfway through act 3 and if I really pushed, and if my editor got to me quick and everything fell into place, I could still make this year. However, with the end of year holidays. my work schedule and knowing nothing will go that perfect, not needing the stress, I’m going to give in and push the release. Do be on the lookout for the first part of 2023!

In better news: I’m halfway through Act 3 and it’s an exciting ride. This act is moving so fast, both in terms of story and my writing. This is a part of the story I knew how it was going to go before I started book 1. I have played it out in my head so many times, adjusting it as the story was told, that it is a well plotted thing. That’s a first for me. It does make the writing flow so so nice.

By the end of this book many things I have been planning will be laid in place. This will be important as we head into book 3, the final for Captain’s Fate. SO those that have been following, yes you will have a completed story. I can hardly wait to get to that 3rd book. Don’t worry I’m not getting distracted, remember I write as I go and in order, so to get there I have to finish what I’m working on.

Hope you have a great summer and as always thank you for joining me this journey. Come chat with me on Twitter or drop me an e-mail! Most of all remember to prepare yourself book 2 is going to be a wild ride!