March 2022

Welcome to the big March Update! Please follow me on Twitter @skip_scherer for more day-to-day stuff.

Act 2 is nearly done. Ran into a few technical problems with one chapter and that slowed me down a bit. Now I’m on the last 2 chapters and this ending has been in my head since I started the book that it will all be easy writing. For those that have followed me for a while, I write too waypoints, I don’t always know that path to get there, but once I’m there, I know the ending.

Act 3 is coming up. This whole act is one big waypoint – haha. In my head I’ve already worked through every chapter, every big moment, and every small moment. There are scenes in this chapter that I knew were coming back when I started writing book one. I’m so excited. Thier is one more book after this, the finial to this trilogy, but this is where it all comes together, this is the grandiose scene that forges the story. I’m still on track to finish and get this book out this year! I hope you’re excited as I am!

Till next time!