February 2022

One month into the New Year and things are going good so far. My regular business is busy, which cuts into my writing time a little, but stable. Stable is good. My progress for Act 2 is on track so far and I will be finishing it up by the end of February. The wonderful thing about approaching the end of an act is the writing is easier. I often know how things end and have been working them over in my head multiple times while I write the other parts.

Act 3 should be the fastest one yet. Both in terms of writing it and the pace of the story. The whole last act has been in my head since starting book 2. It’s a major waypoint of the story, which catapults us into book 3. It’s a huge blockbuster of an ending that moves all the characters into place, both physically and mentally, for the finial book. Surprises aplenty, and if I can indulge in a little hyperbole, some characters will be changed forever!

I’m dedicated to getting this book out this year. Thanks for hanging with me, I think you’re going to enjoy what’s coming.

As always catch me on Twitter for smaller updates @skip_scherer. I look forward to hearing from you.