Dec 2021

Welcome to my big monthly update. Reminder you can always follow me on Twitter for faster more frequent updates – @skip_scherer. I look forward to hearing from you!

This last Thanksgiving marked the one-year mark since I released my first book Warship Ares! I’m happy to say the book continues to do well. While not burning up the sales charts, it does continue to sell, and I continue to get great feedback on it. That feedback really pushes me forward on writing the next book!

My hope was to get the second book out in about a year’s time, that sadly just isn’t going to happen. I’m flying through the second act at this point, but not fast enough to finish it before the end of the year. The second act is the biggest act of this book and it’s just taking time to get it done. The last act is a fast and furious one that really pumps up the action but will also be the shortest act of the book. So, the plans are there, the path ahead is clear and book 2 will be coming in 2022.

Some small teasers on what is to come:

  • Gaia 1st runs a lot deeper than anyone thought.
  • Some of our supporting cast have secrets… and more secrets.
  • Just where are the Screech anyways?

I hope you are as intrigued to read it as I am to write it! Hang in there 2022 is going to be a blockbuster!

Happy Holidays!