A bit late with this months update. Seems a like a growing trend this year and one I’m not liking. The upside to that is most of my “lateness” comes from my regular business picking up again now that lockdown restrictions are being lifted. Still, as always, I’m moving forward.

I have 2 and half chapters to go to finish Act 1 of book 2. After this I’m going back to my original way of writing and should be able to increase my speed. This time I tried to write the whole act before doing any revisions. People kept telling me it’s better that way, get the story down. The problem is that as I’m revising, I’ve made enough changes that by chapter 8 I’m basically rewriting the chapter from scratch to make everything flow properly. Having to completely re due chapters takes time. I don’t like it, I’m not doing it again.

Next act I will start my usual process of write a chapter, revise the chapter and then move on. Then do a finial revision at the end just to smooth out and trouble spots. This is how I wrote the first book and I like that process much better. It also helps my attitude because I feel like I have accomplished something, have finished something, rather than having a large lump of words staring at me.

Hopefully the increase in speed will let me recover some of the time lost and I can get back to my original time line. Wish me luck! For those waiting for the second book, hang in their, it’s going to be an exciting ride!

Till next update, feel free to follow me on Twitter for the day-to-day stuff, and I’ll be back here soon for the big stuff.

Moving on.