Welcome to March. Yes, I missed my self imposed deadline to have Act 1 of book 2 done by this month. My regular job just took to much of my time, plus the change in writing slowed me down.

Warworld Gaia: This was the first time I tried to write an entire act before starting my revisions. You often hear writers say this is the way to go, so I figured to give it a shot. I won’t be doing it again. Going back to revisions after completing so much of the story, I find I’ve lost where the character is and I need to wrap my head around it. Jax is in a different place at the end of Act 1 and I don’t want her sounding like that earlier in the act. Anyway, I’ve managed to get back into it in a good way and I’m moving forward again. New goal is to get Act 1 done by mid to late March and have it out to beta readers. Starting with Act 2, I’m going back to my “old” way of writing where I write and revise each chapter as I go. That should increase my speed and get this story moving again. Still want book 2 done by the end of the year, but we’ll see what life throws my way.

Warship Ares is still doing well. Please remember to leave reviews, it really helps!

Onward and upward.