• Big May Update

    Well, maybe not so big, and a tad later than normal. Between work and getting book 2 ready to go on June 1st, I simply don’t have much time. However, I did want to share the basic cover for book 2! Hope you enjoy it!

    Reminder, the pre-order for the e-book is currently available on Amazon here:

    Sorry, but I couldn’t get the paperback preorder up and running. If all goes well, the paperback will actually be available for purchase a few days before the actual launch! So stay tuned, it’s going to be a fantastic adventure!

    AS always, catch me on Twitter for more day-to-day stuff: @skip_scherer

    See you in June!

  • Big April Update

    Welcome to April 2023! This update is coming in a little late this month, but for good reason. I was waiting till I had a few things happen.

    1st Big thing

    By the end of the day of my posting this, I should have the edits back from my editor for Warworld Gaia! I can’t wait to see what @BookwormBlues has for me! Sarah is simply a positive force to be working with and I know with her help, this book is going to be fire! I’m kind of strange as a writer that I love working on this phase of the book. I’ll dive in and become very focused on it. Love that since of purpose.

    2nd Big thing!

    The pre-order for the e-book is now live on Amazon! Click here: PREORDER! As always, my book will be free on Kindle Unlimited. The paperback pre-order will take longer, since Amazon doesn’t handle those directly. Why? I don’t know, but they don’t. The plan is to have that up in the next week or so. The blurb, description for the book will be updated soon. Thanks for your patience!

    That means the launch date is June 1 – woot! It was important for me to get this book out in the first half of this year. I wanted to do it before my birthday in July. This is my second book and I will publish it while I’m still 50-years-old! haha.

    I’m currently finishing up the cover for Warworld Gaia. Like my last cover, it’s going to have a pulpy / comic book / classic scifi feel to it. I’m shooting for fun over any other kind of stylistic choice. I hope you enjoy it. Can’t wait to have it done. The one showing for the e-book is a placeholder,like the description. I’m only one person here so give me time – haha.

    Pretty big update this time with lots of moving parts. For those that have been here since the beginning of Warship Ares, thank you for sticking around. For those of you new to my little part of the world, thank you for joining me! Things are only going to keep getting better!

    As always, catch me on Twitter for more day to day, constant updates. @skip_scherer I look forward to hearing from you!

  • March 2023

    Welcome to the big monthly update! Lots of great stuff to cover this month, so let’s jump right in.

    Biggest news is that Warworld Gaia is now at the editor! Now the waiting game beings. It’s great finding an editor that is excited, maybe more so than me-lol, about my work. I can’t wait to see what Sarah @BookwormBlues does with my work. Got at least a month to put more focus elsewhere. I have to stay busy or I might drive myself crazy with anticipation!

    On that note, I have things to do. First major one for Warworld Gaia is finishing up the cover art. I have a lot of the work done but haven’t touched it in almost a year. So, time to pull out the art files and remember where I was and what needed to be done. Hoping to make all the covers have a constant theme that in my mind is a semi retro scifi base. Fun is the name of the game, but we’ll see how it all turns out.

    I still have not picked a publication date for Warworld Gaia. I’m going to wait and see how much work my editor gives me. The preorder to publish time will probably be pretty small since I want to get it as quickly as possible. I figure if I make it before June, I can still claim early 2023! Wish me luck.

    Warship Ares! Another project is to update Warship Ares. Don’t worry, it’s not a rewrite or changes to the story. I will fix some typos and small grammar issues. However, the main change will be to the format of the book. For Warship Ares, I used a manual method of formatting the book, using my old typesetting skills. Since that time, I have acquired better software that will not only make things easier and faster, but also put a more professional shine on it. Consistency across these first three books is important, because as I’ve said before, this is all one big story. So, new book new formatting, old book gets updated to new formatting, that’s the goal.

    Which leads us to book three. The final arch of this story line, Captain’s Fate. I write linear, chapter by chapter, so until Warworld Gaia was finished it was hard trying to work the next chapters. Now that I have enough done, barring what my editor does to it – haha, I am making progress again. I learned so much writing these first two books, it should all show in this grand final! This is the book I’ve been wanting to write since the beginning. All the pieces are in place, almost, and now the real adventure begins. I’m not revealing the name yet, but needless to say, I have big plans and big pay offs coming to this story’s end.

    That’s it for this month’s big update. Thanks for joining me once again, your support is very appreciated! Join me on Twitter for smaller updates and random musings too @skip_scherer. Till next time!

  • Big Feb. 2023 Update

    The end is nigh! The end of book 2, that is. As of writing this, I am only twelve chapters away from finishing my last pass through the complete story. Act 2 will be completed by this week. Act 3 will follow, but I am waiting for a couple of beta readers, so I may delay a day or two. It’s exciting to be this close to the end.

    I’m happy to report that I have found a new editor, Sarah Chorn. You can follow her on Twitter @BookwormBlues or her website at https://sarahchornedits.com/. It’s fantastic to find someone who’s not only excited by my work but has a large history of both editing and writing her own. Finding an editor you can work with, feel good about, and get quality work from, is so very important for an indie writer. Can’t wait for her to work her magic on my scifi story.

    I’ve already set a date with Sarah to have Warworld Gaia in her hands by March 1. She thinks it will take around a month, maybe a bit more / less to finish. During that time, I’ll be finishing up the cover and preparing the formatting for the book (template). Once I get her work back, it’s my turn to dive into changes and revisions. Hopefully, that means a May or June release for the next edition!

    Get excited folks, it’s all going to go very fast!

    As always, thanks for joining me! Follow me on Twitter for more frequent updates and musings @skip_scherer

    Till next time, respect.